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  • How Are We to View Jews By Choice?Are converts looked down upon in Judaism?Read More
  • Where Rabbi Akiva Saw JoyThe students broke into tears. Looking up, they noticed that Rabbi Akiva was laughing.Read More
  • My Mother’s Unintentional GiftThey were proud of the young rabbis in our family, but our uncompromising lifestyle choices...Read More
  • Is G-d Male or Female?Understanding why the Creator is so often referred to in the masculine in Jewish tradition, and why...Read More
Chabad Notices
Will we stand silently by or or raise our voices? When Moses returned to Egypt after his long exile, of course...
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This week in Germany a 94-year-old former SS sergeant who served in Auschwitz testified that he helped the...
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"Crazy", "insane" or "irrational" are all words normally associated with something negative. If someone acts...
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Last night’s thrilling OSU comeback against Alabama, a shocking win over the number one team in the land after...
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People often ask why Chabad spend so much time on public menorah lightings. (A list of our menorah lightings are...
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Sunday night I danced in a hangar on the Brooklyn docks with five thousand of the bravest, most dedicated Jews on...
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Historic events can be interpreted in dramatically different ways. And the history of our people, in particular...
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I will never forget how pitiful it was in 1992, when Hurricane Andrew ravaged our southern coast for 40 hours. 44...
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