Same Soul, Many Lifetimes...

the Jewish Perspective on  Reincarnation


...there is a continual recasting of the soul in new bodies through the process known as Gilgulim or reincarnation.


Have you ever wondered...

  • Do all souls reincarnate
  • How do our past souls affect us today
  • Do animals have souls
  • What is the relationship between our dreams and possible past life memories
  • Do souls reincarnate immediately

Explore these questions and others you may have regarding reincarnation with Rabbi....

First in a series of  "out of the ordinary"  lectures given in memory of Andrew Ethan Stern (AES) by Rozanne & Jerry Stern.


7:30 dessert reception

$5.00/chabad members, seniors & students, $7.50 others


Rabbi Asher Crispe is the Co-Director of, a social mosaic which perpetuates the arts, sciences, literature and music through Jewish tradition.


He is a highly knowledgeable technology expert and futurist as well as a media aficionado with a thorough and intimate knowledge of emerging developments in science and the digital universe. With over 20 years of experience as an educator, Rabbi Crispe regularly travels the world as a speaker / lecturer teaching in Jewish centers and academic institutions.


He specializes in illuminating the arts and sciences through the lens of the Torah. His lectures have focused on: music, film, architecture, gender theory, psychology, education, economics, regenerative medicine and physics.

He has also served as a consultant for financial, medical, and technological projects all relating to future trends.