We are excited to let you know about this unique, fun project called the “Birthday club” Every child looks forward to their birthday and is excited to celebrate with their friends. We add extra fun to this special day. What we do:
  1. We bake a cake with the class.
  2. The birthday child is brought to the kitchen where they choose the colors and++ picture they want on their cake.
  3. We provide the birthday paper goods and drinks.
  4. We buy a book or toy for the class in the child’s honor.
  5. We then celebrate with the class, make a wish, give charity. All the ways we learn from judaism that a birthday is a chance to give not only a time to be selfish. Etc… What you do: Come to your child’s birthday with a smile and a camera :) Cost: $25
  6. Every other week a special activity - sing along with music teacher or gym play teacher
  • Grandparent / special friends day
  • An event for each holiday koo
  • It’s a guy thing - daddy day
  • Ladies party - for moms
  • Fire safety with firemen and a real truck!
  • Sunday fun day
  • Picture day
  • Graduation
  • Thanksgiving