Our mission is to be a warm and nurturing preschool where every child is cared for according to their own specific personality.

We blend Judaic and secular subjects into a program that is rich, fulfilling, and stimulating. It meets the physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual needs of each child.

The goal is not only develop an understanding and excitement towards the subject matter at hand but also a healthy and confident outlook towards  learning in general.

We are an immersion preschool and will do all in our power with the aid of professionals to accommodate special needs within the classroom.

Torah has always placed emphasis on the education of even a small  child. Science today also shows how much a baby absorbs. We read to the babies and take care of them with the understanding that how we care for them will affect who they are.

YOU, our parents are a big part of what we do. Our board is made up of you and we take your opinions and suggestions very seriously.