We are a family and home for Jews of all backgrounds, observance levels and affiliation. Established in 1976 and based on Chesed (loving kindness), Chabad of Columbus continues to be a perpetual source of support, leadership and Jewish pride through exceptional community wide programs and unsurpassed dedication to the individual needs of all Jews.
Our participants feel embraced by the love and warmth of Torah and Mitzvot, beyond borders created by an organization, affiliation or building. Intriguing, uplifting pertinent learning is enjoyed by all. Children experience and connect with their heritage through innovative and hands on programs and activities. Jews all over the community feel kindness and compassion from Chabad; children and adults with unique abilities have an inclusive community where they connect with peers, mentors and learn life skills. The sick and the incarcerated are regularly visited and receive counsel and guidance. People seeking jobs have a vibrant and ongoing forum to connect to potential employers. Our commitment is to provide for the spiritual, emotional and material needs of every Jew.
  • Children and adults with unique abilities, who are provided with an inclusive community where they can learn life skills and connect with peers and mentors;
  • The sick and the incarcerated, who are regularly visited and receive counsel and guidance;
  • Job seekers, who can network via vibrant opportunities such as the Herb Weyl Jewish Business Network.
Our legacy donors are people, like you, who believe in:
An outreach program that is inclusive of all ages, abilities and background and is there for ALL Jews at ALL times.
Keeping the soul of Judaism vibrant for every Jew.
Providing a haven to Jews who seek to connect and reconnect.
Please join us in ensuring the Jewish community of Columbus will continue to thrive and grow with the all-encompassing support and leadership of Chabad of Columbus. Together, we are securing a Jewish Tomorrow.
 Please call 614-93-0765 or email Esther Kaltmann at [email protected] 
(please use the subject “Legacy Society”) for information.
Interested in leaving a legacy gift? Download a Letter of Intent.