Talent, time, funds, friendship, position, personality” are our resources truly ours? Which of them does Judaism expect us to devote to a higher purpose, and to what extent? This lesson consults Queen Esther; her answers guide us toward a comprehensively meaningful existence.

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Against the Tide

Acting Morally in an Immoral Society


Judaism promotes cohesiveness and community, but not if the result is morally repugnant. It can be incredibly difficult to resist social or peer pressure. This lesson analyzes a moment in the life of heroic Princess Batya, providing us with tangible tools for handling such pressure.

Tuesday, April 9, 2023

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07/ RUTH

Stepping Up

Opting for Tough but True


Is there anything wrong with selecting the easiest, least burdensome path at each personal crossroads? This lesson examines the story of Ruth, which highlights shouldering instead of shirking responsibility, unveils our true self-worth, and guides us toward unexpected power.

Wednesday, May 8, 2023