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  • Mitzvah Meals We will now be opening up our Mitzvah Meal program to any member of our Community who is in need of meals.

    If you or someone you know is in need of meals delivered, please reach out to Rochel Kaltmann at 614-570-4014.
  • COVID-19 Chabad CaresResources that offer both inspiration as well as practical guidance and resources. Call us at 614-939-0675. Find out more
  • Pesach Seder Kits We are here for you! Passover Seder kits are available to anyone who cannot attend a seder due to health concerns.

    Please call 614-570-4014 to order a kit or for more information about our upcoming Passover programs.
  • Webinars to Nourish and Uplift the Soul Explore Webinars Here
  • 2020 Passover ResourcesEverything you need to know about Passover Find out more
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Friendship Circle

Giving friendship to children with special needs

Mitzvah Meals

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Hebrew School

Where children learn and love their Judaism!


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  • ‘Spiritual Education’ Details the Rebbe’s Transformational Educational PhilosophyQ&A with the volume’s author, Dr. Aryeh Solomon Read More
  • Tzav Parshah QuizTake this quiz to see how well you know the parshah of Tzav. Read More
  • Soviet Jewry Activist Gedalya Korf, 90, ‘Said Little, Did Much’ A leader of Chabad’s Lishkas Ezras Achim for decades Read More
  • Siyum for Firstborns in the Age of CoronaWith most synagogues shuttered and communities in lockdown, how is a firstborn to proceed? Read More
From the Rabbi
It was exactly 50 years ago to this very day, the first day of Chesvan, 1968. The Lubavitcher Rebbe was giving...
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In the wake of the awful events in Charlottesville, Billy Joel’s fans got an inspiring surprise toward the end...
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If JFK would be alive, he would be turning 100 years old this week !!! Wow!- - any average American would...
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Rashi was a seriously holy Rabbi who lived 1000 years ago. Not only did he tear away any barrier that...
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Chabad in the News
When the Patriots were down 28-3, and Julian Edelman had 3 Falcon players hovering over his every move...
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There is a well-known Jewish saying, commonly asked of students, “Do you know why they buried the dead man?"...
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Surprised to hear that greeting from a rabbi?

If you please look at Psalms 87:6, it says: G-d Counts...
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A new Ohio law signed this week defies a worldwide trend that has existed for thousands of years. It bucks the......
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