When the Patriots were down 28-3, and Julian Edelman had 3 Falcon players hovering over his every move, that's when he secured the catch that propelled his team to victory. Atlanta had scored 3 touchdowns and the Patriots had amassed a mere 3 points, but that simply couldn't smother Julian's pure belief in a Patriot's victory.

When Tom Brady threw that decisive pass to Edelman, he had barley caught the football, it then tipped in the air and then was just an inch from the ground. Even when the pressure was on, the Patriots really believed that they could break Super Bowl history and win in overtime. The power to believe trumps all naysayers and devastating statistics. After all, when Julian Adelman was later asked how he caught that football, his answer was ever so simple-"You gotta’ believe."

The culmination of 210 years of Egyptian bondage climaxes in this week's Torah portion, as the Jews are being pursued by hostile Egyptian chariots. There is simply no place for the newly freed Hebrews to flee to, because a sea lays in front of them. The mighty waves did roll towards them, the stormy waters did tower over them, but the raging sea couldn't intimidate the Jews, because they had an unshakable faith in their G‑d. Nachson Ben Aminadov, from the tribe of Yehuda, charges forward into the Red Sea, so we can complete our mission to receive the Ten Commandments. You just gotta’ believe!

Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom,