If JFK would be alive, he would be turning 100 years old this week !!! Wow! Any average American would find that fascinating and actually intriguing. How many other Presidents in American history would stir up such an interest with such a seemingly trivial anniversary?

On January 20th, 1961 JFK was sworn in as President of the United States and on March 1st of that very year, he was already radically changing the world with his Peace Corp initiative.

JFK still inspires America and the world to such a great degree that people are still excited 57 years after his assassination, about his own personal milestones which seemingly have no  practical significance. Long after he has been buried it is very apparent that JFK is far from forgotten.

I submit to you that the reason we are so enamored by this president, isn't just because he was tragically cut down in the prime of his life or because of his regal appearance or because he was an incredible orator- there has to be something more profound than that. After all practically speaking this president wasn't able to even finish his first term in office, so why is everyone so obsessed with him?

I believe that President Kennedy from his very beginning wanted to empower all of us to serve those in need. And In a self- absorbed generation that is truly revolutionary. How many times have JFK's soul searching question about what our priorities in serving others need to be and not just about taking what we need, been quoted? Countless and that's precisely my point. Because JFK had taken the pulse of a worried and selfish nation, he was so adamant about inspiring his country to actually serve others.

Someone once asked the Lubavitcher Rebbe of blessed memory, why does the world make such a big deal about the sun when in reality a black hole is so much more stronger? The Rebbe responded that whatever the sun has, it  gives to the world around it, while a black hole may be in fact so much more powerful, but it only sucks in and is a taker from its environment. It's not about how strong you are, it's rather about how much of a difference you make to the world around you.

JFK was barely in office for more than 1000 days but he used his presidency as the launching pad to liberate all of us from our own personal limitations and start being concerned for the welfare of others.

Now that's a reason to get excited when such a man would be 100 years old this week.

We need to try and become more absorbed with the needs of others and then our lives will be far greater than a powerful black hole.

When we do, our lives will be so sweet for ourselves and everyone else.