Rashi was a seriously holy Rabbi who lived 1000 years ago. Not only did he tear  away any barrier that prevented us from understanding the complexity of the Torah and Talmud, through his penetrating commentary, but he first and foremost ripped down any menacing barrier that prevented Jews from embracing their Jewish Identities and inhibited them from feeling that Judaism truly belongs to every single Jew.

That's why at the beginning of each of the 5 books of the Torah, Rashi's very first commentary always speaks about how each and everyone of us is so special. Without the sensitivity to uplift Rashi's down trodden brothers and sisters who struggled to survive the gruesome crusades, Rashi could not then proceed to explain the profound secrets of the Torah.

So for Rashi's first commentary on the fourth book of the Torah, that begins with a national census, he asks why does Gd bother counting the Jews all the time, Surely the creator of the universe knows how many Jews exist? To which Rashi answers that when something is precious to you, you count the item all the time. For example the Jews are precious to G‑d, and therefore  even though they sinned by the golden calf, Gd wants to know how many remaining Jews have survived. This is one of many examples of us being counted. 

When you know that a problem exists with your spouse, both individuals need to realize that it's not just their problem but in fact it becomes OUR problem. When Jews perished after the ugly Sin of the Golden calf Hashem wants to know who has survived. Wow, The master of all kings of all kings is deeply concerned over the fate of everyone - even those who erred in their judgement.

This explains why the first act after a couple is married is breaking a glass. What positive lesson can there be in such a destructive, and seemingly futile act of pure waste? Our world  is broken enough, so why add to the carnage and rubble.

The answer is so beautiful and meaningful.

Until the day of marriage when something broke, you had to pick up the pieces by yourself. After you become husband and wife - your life is no longer the same. It's no longer just your problem but rather It's now OUR problem. You can now pick up the pieces to the broken glass together with a soulmate who feels just as shattered as you, because something happened to break for both of you!! You are one united entity - for good times or sadly for also the opposite.

Our job is not to judge why there are broken pieces, Our mission and sacred task is to be as supportive as possible and pick up those broken pieces as one inseparable magnificent couple. That is true commitment and love.

Hashem overlooks our shortcomings, all the breakings and mistakes we have made and just wants to keep on counting us as his special people. We don't want anything to get broken, but when it does - we are never ever alone!! 

With a support system like that, we have to have a great Shabbos,