To Order a Mitzvah Meal for yourself or others
 What are Mitzvah Meals?
  • Hospital patients may request lunch and dinner for any day of the week including Shabbat.
  • A woman recovering from childbirth may request dinners for herself and members of her household for one week following childbirth. 
  • Any family who is in need of a Shabbat meal due to difficult circumstances such as financial difficulty, illness of a family member. 


  • If you or someone you know is in need of mitzvah meals please fill out this form. Requests before 1 PM will fulfillment the same day. Requests after 1 PM will be filled the following day. You can request meals for one day or up to one week.  
  • Hospital patients will have meals dropped off per hospital protocols. Let us know of any drop of instructions that you are aware of.
 What types of food are included?
 Full lunch and dinner meals include a combinationa of salmon, rice, green beans, brisket, mashed potatoes, and butternut squash,chicken, potato kugel, and apple crisp. All meals include soup, rolls and dessert. Please specify any dietary restrictions. 
 Meals prepared by: Catering by Chani with additional items prepared and delivered by Chabad of Columbus. 
The entire community is welcome to volunteer in delivering meals and preparing the packages or make a donation
 If you would like to donate to Mitzvah Meals, please click the button below and put "Mitzvah Meals" in the "Additional Comments" section.
 Dedicated in loving memory of
Neal Grossman by Estelle Wallace Grossman.