The political media has become very toxic and our kids are being bombarded by a never ending torrent of ugly name calling. Normally, bullies are scorned on the playground but what do our kids do when this has become a seemingly respectable behavior for grown-ups?

Today, we have the answer to this nasty barrage of adult bullying.

Today, this first day of the month of Av, nine days before TishaBav — the day of gloom that befell our people, we are reminded that in Judaism, G‑d creates the cure before the sickness. The second temple was destroyed because of senseless hatred. Yet, we believe that the future temple we are yearning for can be rebuilt through a love with no ulterior motive. Therefore, G‑d is telling us the cure for life’s maladies is to love others for no reason.

Today is the only day in the year that is recorded in the entire Torah as being a yartzheit (the anniversary of someone’s passing). Why am I telling you this? The Lubavitcher Rebbe of Blessed Memory explains that this is why G‑d only records the yartzheit of Aron. Aron was the High Priest and the personification of love. He brought peace between quarreling husbands and wives and argumentative partners. When Moses passed away, only Jewish men mourned him. However, when Aron passed away, the entire house of Israel mourned him because he brought peace between cantankerous parties. So the lesson to us on the eve of this tragic anniversary of the destruction of the Temple, is that we first need to embody Aron’s life’s work and what he stood for and embrace each other with love.

This is the best lesson we can impart on our kids and is the path to bringing the third temple.